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Place Rental Policies

We are so happy you will be staying with us at one of Englewood, Rotonda, Cape Haze or Port Charlotte vacation rental homes. There are a few rules we would like to be sure you are aware of before coming to stay. We require that all our guests adhere to these rules, and as you see, their purpose is to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay.

This document, with your signature, will be required for you to stay in your requested vacation rental. Please return this document with your deposit payment. Please remember that without a signed license agreement, we will not be able to process your booking.



In these conditions, the 'Company' is Cscape LLC (doing business as Place in the Sun) and the the 'Client' is the person who has arranged with the Company (whether such arrangements have been made by such person himself or by another on his behalf). ‘Accommodation’ refers to the vacation rental home, pool, dock and grounds as applicable.

1. YOUR ACCOMMODATION RESERVATION Before we can accept your booking, the lead member of your party must read and sign to accept these terms and conditions (for and on behalf of all members of the party which binds them jointly and severally). When you ask us to confirm the booking, we will allocate your chosen accommodation and confirm the booking by issuing a confirmation invoice on receipt of the deposit payment required in paragraph 2. This will be the only invoice issued unless you request a change to your accommodation.

2. BOOKING DEPOSIT PAYMENT At the time of confirming your booking, you will be required to pay a deposit of $100 per week or part thereof. If this deposit is not received within seven (7) working days, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

3. REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT A security deposit of $200 per booking for weekly bookings and $500 per booking for monthly bookings is required upon arrival. The security deposit should be in the form of an accepted credit card, US dollar check or cash. The security deposit will be charged any costs incurred through accidental damage to the property and/or contents, excess cleaning or trash, loss or non-return of keys or garage remote.

4. PAYMENT OF BALANCE A minimum of 50% of the total cost shown on the confirmation must be received by the Company at least 60 days prior to the date of arrival. The Company must receive the remaining balance for the accommodation at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival. If these payments are not received within the specified time, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled, in which case you could be liable to pay us the cancellation charges detailed in paragraph 6 below. Note, the day the payment is received by the Company is used to determine compliance, not the date the payment was mailed.

5. IF YOU ALTER THE BOOKING If, after booking, the Client decides to alter any details, the Company will do their utmost to make the requested changes to your accommodation provided the Company is informed in writing at least 40 working days prior to the day of arrival. Some alterations may incur an administrative fee of $25 per booking. Where requests for changes cannot be met, the Company, after discussion with the Client, may opt to treat the change request as a cancellation by the client and charge the associated cancellation charges outlined in paragraph 6.

6. IF YOU CANCEL THE BOOKING If you wish to cancel all or part of your booking, the person who signed the booking form must do so by sending written confirmation (by email, fax or mail). The amount payable is based on the date the Company receives written confirmation. In the event of a cancellation, we will charge the fees as follows: more than 60 working days before the day of arrival - booking deposit; between 59 and 30 working days before the day of arrival - 50% of total booking; within 29 days before the day of arrival - 100% of total booking. If we are able to rent the accommodation for the same period at the same rate invoiced, we will refund the full amount minus a $50 administration fee. If we are able to rent the accommodation for part of the originally booked period and/or at a lower rate, we will refund the difference minus a $50 administration fee.

7. IF WE CHANGE THE ACCOMMODATION On occasion, it may be necessary to change the accommodation you have selected and we reserve the right to substitute a comparable accommodation without notice or liability. Where such changes are considered a significant alteration, we undertake to advise you as soon as is reasonably possible. Where a major change is a change to a lower standard of accommodation or reduced facilities, and provided it does not arise from circumstances amounting to Force Majeure (see paragraph 8), you will have the choice of either accepting the alternative arrangements and charges or once instructions have been received in writing from you, you will receive a refund of all monies paid.

8. FORCE MAJEURE Refunds do not apply where performance of our contract with you is prevented by risk of war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorists’ activity, natural and nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellations or changes of schedule by airlines, and similar events beyond our control.

9. IF WE CANCEL THE ACCOMMODATION In the unlikely event that, through circumstances outside of our direct control we are unable to offer alternative accommodation in accordance with paragraph 7, we reserve the right to cancel your accommodation. If this occurs we will inform you as soon as possible and refund all monies paid, provided the cancellation does not arise from reasons of Force Majeure, as set out in paragraph 8.

10. OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACCOMMODATION A private individual over whom the Company has no direct control owns the accommodation. We will ensure the accommodation is clean and tidy and in a condition to fulfill our obligation. If you find any maintenance or housekeeping problems upon your arrival, please telephone our office as soon as possible at 941-475-6888. If you are a late arrival, telephone us by 11:00 am the next working day. The Company is not responsible for activities adjoining or within the immediate area of the accommodation such as maintenance or construction on adjoining properties or land.

11. PARTY SIZE Under no circumstances may more than the number of persons detailed on the booking form occupy the property except by the prior written agreement of the Company. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the property if this condition is not observed, and treat the failure to meet this condition as a cancellation by the Client and charge the associated cancellation charges outlined in paragraph 6.

12. LARGE GATHERINGS The Company is very serious about maintaining a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of the Client. The Company does not rent to groups of teenagers with or without chaperones regardless of whether the chaperones are parents of one of the teenagers. The Company will rent to family groups, couples and RESPONSIBLE ADULTS over the age of 25. Proof of age maybe required. Violation of this policy will result in immediate eviction with NO REFUND OF RENT.

13. UTILITIES The accommodation costs include a cap on the cost of utilities of $70 per week. This is sufficient for normal consumption. Usage in excess of this will be taken from the security deposit. Occasionally there are outages experienced that are beyond our control. The Company will report outages as each occurs. No refunds will be given for any outages.

14. PETS/ANIMALS Pets are only accepted by prior arrangement. Photograph and proof of all relevant vaccinations must be provided prior to arrival. An additional pet deposit of $500 will be required on arrival. If a pet or animal is found inside the accommodation that has not been previously approved, you will be deemed as breaching the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and will forfeit the damage and pet deposit taken and face immediate eviction with NO REFUND OF RENT.

15. NO SMOKING Strictly no smoking allowed inside the accommodation at any time. If evidence of smoking is detected, any charges for additional cleaning required will be taken from the security deposit.

16. OFFICE HOURS AND CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS Normal office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The office telephone number is 941-475-6888. If the office staff are busy with other clients, or it is outside office hours, there will be a facility to leave a message at this telephone number. The message will also provide a facility to contact call out personnel for emergency use only.

17. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE PROCESS The accommodation will be available for occupancy at 4:00 pm on the date of arrival. You may check in with the office any time after 11:00 am on the date of arrival to complete registration and payment as necessary. If the office is closed, the house key and directions to the house will be in an envelope addressed to the booking lead name in the lockbox at the office. Combination to the lockbox will be provided with the booking confirmation. If you have arrived outside of normal office hours, you are required to return to the office during the next working day to complete registration and payment as necessary. Check-out time is strictly 10:00 am on the date of departure. The house key and/or garage remote are to be returned to the office on date of departure. Failure to do so will result in a $50 charge on the security deposit. The accommodation is to be left in neat and tidy condition. You are to remove bedding from used beds and together with dirty towels, place in laundry area, leaving one set of clean sheets per bed and one set of clean towels per person per bathroom in the relevant closets. Excess laundry will be charged at $5 per set of sheets or set of towels and taken from your security deposit. Leave all dishes, glasses, cutlery, contents of kitchen cupboards, range/cooker, microwave and BBQ clean. Bag all trash and if trash day make sure it is left at the curbside. Excess trash at departure will be charged at $5 per bag and taken from your security deposit.

18. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WHEN AT THE ACCOMMODATION At the accommodation you will find a book of useful information. Please read and if you have any questions refer to the office. Pools - Keep the pool topped up; the water level should be at least one inch above the bottom level of the skimmer (the drain at the top of the pool on the water line). Use the pool brush to brush the pool thoroughly every other day and the pool net to remove any debris. If the pool changes color, report it to the office immediately during office hours. Leave all controls as you find them. Air Conditioning - Do not set the air conditioning lower than 75 degrees. Keep all external doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is in use.

19. ACCOMMODATION ACCURACY All the facts pertaining to the accommodation have been checked to the best of our ability. However, property owners may change facilities and services at any time. If the Company becomes aware of any changes, the Company will make every effort to advise the Client.

20. IF YOU WISH TO COMPLAIN If you have a problem during your stay, you MUST inform the Company as soon as possible during normal working hours (unless it is an emergency in which case it must be reported immediately) who will endeavor to correct the matter. If the problem cannot be completely resolved at the time, the complaint must be made in writing within 14 days of your of departure from the accommodation giving your original booking reference and all relevant information. It is therefore a condition of this contract that you communicate any problem as soon as possible while in the accommodation. If you fail to do this, we cannot accept responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem.

21. INSURANCE We strongly recommend that you take out medical insurance and sufficient cancellation insurance to cover the total cost of your accommodation.

22. PASSPORT & VISA INFORMATION It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all travel documentation is valid.

23. OUR PRICE GUARANTEE We guarantee that the rental price of your accommodation will not be subject to any surcharges once you have paid the booking deposit and received written confirmation. However, we reserve the right to increase or decrease our published prices at any time. Currently, rental rates are subject to 12% tax in Charlotte County. If the State and/or County alters the tax rate, we reserve the right to amend your booking amount accordingly.

24. LIABILITY The Company cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any injury sustained by guests or any other visitors whilst at the accommodation or any loss or damage howsoever caused to any property brought onto the accommodation.